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‘YOU’ on Netflix is equally as endearing as it is terrifying, and YOU won’t want to miss it. (Spoiler free)

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and they say chivalry is dead

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When one thinks of a typical Netflix show, usually an edgy, gothic drama springs to mind. ‘YOU’ however, is virtually the opposite.

Based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, and set in a New York book store (of all places), it tells the tale of the manager, Joe Goldberg, who becomes obsessively infactuated with Guinevere Beck, a customer who shares his fondness for classic literature,.

Beck, as she prefers to be known, finds herself at this moment in a series of toxic relationships – with her boyfriend, best friends and even her own family. Joe decides that he needs to save Beck from her own bad decisions, and the subsequent chain of events has disastrous consequences for Beck and those who she’s close to.

The show asks those observing Joe’s story, “How far would YOU go for love?”

Joe’s warped sense of morality genuinely gets you thinking about where the line really stands, in terms of not just morality; it also has us questioning criminality and whether these lines really do merge and intertwine in the way that they should.

So I leave you asking, “What would YOU do for love?”, but don’t answer yet, because if this show has a similar effect on you as it has had on myself, you will finish it with more questions than when you started.

It is simply must watch, and you will never want to let it go.

By Owen Younger