Review: Airplane Mode

Review: Airplane Mode

8th November 2019 Off By Ewan Gleadow

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Social parasite and all-round scumbag Logan Paul has had quite the career these past few years. He was reprimanded for filming dead bodies in Japan’s notorious suicide forest, as well as tasering rats in a separate video around the same time. For some reason though he still has a large following of loyal fans. He must do, especially since his latest project, Airplane Mode, is another starring role that seems like an attempt to crush him into the mainstream.

Incorrect forms of humour, bottom of the barrel comedy that will appeal only to those that lack the brain cells to choose a better movie. Filled to the brim with homophobia, racism, egregiously poor jokes that lack any taste whatsoever. With jokes that range from ‘a side character screaming’ to ‘Logan Paul saying something half-heartedly offensive’, it’s clear that Airplane Mode is one to be avoided at all costs.

Airplane Mode has about the same standard as most American comedies of the past few years. Holmes and Watson, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and Murder Mystery are just the tip of an unfortunately large iceberg of truly horrendous films. The lowest common denominator of film, a tier that cannot get any lower. Inane spectacles that provide nothing of artistic or entertaining merit. American comedy seems to be a provider of this rather frequently, and Logan Paul’s maliciously useless attempts at another feature film waste good time and money trying to appeal to an audience that are probably too young to even watch this movie.

Taking place mostly on an aeroplane, Airplane Mode follows a group of friends as they had to HashtagCon in Australia. Our hero is Logan Paul, unfortunately, and we see him struggle through basic lines of acting that could be performed by anyone else with an ounce of talent. The rest of the cast fare no better, even Kevin Heffernan, who is a solid enough actor with the Broken Lizard comedy squad backing up some great comedy movies. His role is tied almost completely to a parody of the Hannibal Lecter character. It’s not a good parody either, and it brings us back to the awful days of Epic Movie and Disaster Movie, where throwing up a horrific display of costumes closely fitted to another movie would be considered entertainment.

That being said, if you can pool a big enough group of friends together, Airplane Mode is the perfect so bad it’s good style of movie. A movie so lazy and incompetent, yet too grossly unfair toward its cast of characters. Filled with absurd cameos and even worse performances, it’s a truly mind-boggling experience and one I hope to forget very soon.