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We look back at how Mario has grown for Super Mario Day

We look back at how Mario has grown for Super Mario Day

Mario Day (March 10) is the day of celebrating the extremely popular pizza loving plumber guy we have came to know throughout the years. Since his introduction in the game Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario (created by Shigeru Miyamoto), has became Nintendo’s main mascot, which already shows how popular the Mario universe has become; successfully […]

 Justin Chew

Kung Fu Panda 3 preview

  All the way back in 2011, the ending of Kung Fu Panda 2 gave audiences a teaser hinting at a sequel. Finally now audiences can look forward to the third instalment of the franchise Kung Fu Panda 3, released in Cinemas on March 11. From the trailers, the story seems to show Po the […]

 Justin Chew

Fun, food and games as Enterprise Society host Charity Gaming Tournament

Fun, food and games as Enterprise Society host Charity Gaming Tournament

The Enterprise Society hosted a Gaming Tournament as a student charity event at Holy Smokes on Feb 29. Popular titles such as Call of Duty 4, FIFA 2015, and even Mario kart were featured on the night. Many gamers gathered to test their skills and pit themselves against one another, with winners going back home […]

 Francisco Andrade

“Love” is the latest Netflix binge!

Possibly the most popular streaming service and what some may call the “new television”, Netflix is well known for its innovation when it comes to their own content production and new series Love is another example of a game change in the rom-com genre for a series. Love premiered its entire first season last February […]

 Daniela Ralu Nastase

Review: How to Be Single

Review: How to Be Single

There’s a right way to be single and a wrong way to be single, or at least that’s the Alice’s (Dakota Johnson) conclusion after spending months to rediscover herself and hiking the Grand Canyon on New Year to see the sunrise with the hope of a new beginning. With the help of her wild friend, […]

 Daniela Ralu Nastase

Preview: How to Be Single

Alice (Dakota Johnson) has decided to take a break from the relationship with her boyfriend after finishing college and she has moved to New York to rediscover herself. Her new and uninhibited friend, Robin (Rebel Wilson) is helping her to discover the life as singleton, and New York seems to be the perfect place for […]

 Sophie Dishman

Royston Vasey, aka Roy Chubby Brown, to appear at the Stadium of Light

  Royston Vasey is set to share his secrets at the Stadium of Light next month.  The British comic, best known for his outspoken character Roy Chubby Brown, will be telling tales from throughout his notorious career in An Evening With Royston Vasey on Thursday, February 18. Vasey is originally from Grangetown, Middlesborough. He said: […]


Review: Daddy’s Home

As soon as, I see Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in a movie, I instantly know it’s going to be hilarious.

As soon as you see Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in a movie, you instantly know it’s going to be hilarious. The comedy is based on a family that live with their step-dad, Brad (Ferrell), who cherishes his family but, unfortunately, his step-kids don’t feel the same. Suddenly, their real dad Dusty (Wahlberg) comes to […]

 Lucie Simon

Review: Joy

Jennifer Lawrence's latest role as JOY has us all determined to succeed. There's obstacles along the way but nothing a bit of hard work and self-confidence won't fix.

Jennifer Lawrence always plays the dominant female in everything she does and that’s why we love her. With her latest film Joy winning a Gloden Globe for Best Motion Picture – musical or comedy it’s her most dominant and feisty performance yet. It’s a true story and is told through Joy’s grandmother ‘Mimi’ (Diane Ladd). […]

 Adam Bloomfield

Mrs Brown’s Boys: Christmas Special 2015

How now Mrs Brown…?! Yes, everyone’s favourite cross-dressing Irish lady is back for a Christmas special, so hopefully it’s just as good as previous years. Kicking off with a few gags right off the bat – which I’ll admit are cheesy but funny – we see Mrs Brown attempting to have a nice, safe, quiet […]