Ewan Gleadow

Review: The Godfather Part II – 45th Anniversary

Review: The Godfather Part II – 45th Anniversary

I’ve gone on record saying that The Godfather was a pretty overrated piece of work that I didn’t much care for or enjoy. While it does provide us with a great Marlon Brando performance, the movie just didn’t do much for me. My interest in the sequel was minimal, although I still knew it was going to […]

 Daniela Ralu Nastase

Review: Dirty Grandpa

A big contrast with De Niro`s last movie (The Intern), Dirty Grandpa shows Jason Kelly (Zac Efron) confronting his childhood impressions of his grandfather and replacing them with unexpected new ones, as he is forced by circumstances to go to jail twice, smoke drugs and rediscover his long-lost passion – photography. While his nephew acts and dresses like a third-age man, […]

 Lucie Simon

Review: Joy

Jennifer Lawrence's latest role as JOY has us all determined to succeed. There's obstacles along the way but nothing a bit of hard work and self-confidence won't fix.

Jennifer Lawrence always plays the dominant female in everything she does and that’s why we love her. With her latest film Joy winning a Gloden Globe for Best Motion Picture – musical or comedy it’s her most dominant and feisty performance yet. It’s a true story and is told through Joy’s grandmother ‘Mimi’ (Diane Ladd). […]

 Melanie Hall

Review: The Family – Oh Robbie, You're Better Than This

Review: The Family – Oh Robbie, You're Better Than This

De Niro, Pfeiffer, Scorsese, Besson. What could go wrong? Well, most of it.

In essence, The Family is a film that holds to a darkly comic theme, but unfortunately has a sporadic tone that fails to hold it together. Filled with quips and humouring comments they pay little to the film as a whole. Form the trailer you think, “oh that looks good” – Which it does, but […]