Footloose: Electric performance gains a standing ovation on opening night

Footloose: Electric performance gains a standing ovation on opening night

Synchronised dancing, perfect harmonies and a love triangle that leaves you on the brink of your seat, the cast of Footloose brought impeccable energy to the Sunderland Empire on Tuesday October 11.

The world-famous musical comes to town this week and defines what dancing really is all about as underdog Luke Baker lights up the stage at the Sunderland Empire. Adapted from the hit moving picture, Director Racky Plews conveys Dean Pitchford’s artistic dream to the big stage with a spectacular cast. Luke Baker, Hannah Price, Joanna […]

 Daniel Jenkins

Fresh Meat Finale Review

Ever since Fresh Meat premiered back in 2011, the journey the six main characters JP, Vod, Howard, Josie, Oregan and Kingsley have been on through university life was definitely something many could relate to, but at the same time it hasn’t deterred from it’s main purpose, to make people laugh. With how popular and successful […]

 Justin Chew

A Rose by any other Name

A Rose by any other Name

Mawar, which means ‘rose’ in the Malay language, is a musical play which was staged at Northumbria University’s Student Union, the Domain on March 13. It was produced as part of Malaysian Night 2016, which was a collaboration between the universities of Durham, Newcastle, and Northumbria in order to promote and celebrate Malaysian culture. Mawar […]

 Daniela Ralu Nastase

Preview: The Choice

Attention Nicholas Sparks fans: a new movie is released!  The production made by Ross Katz (Lost In Translation) has Teresa Palmer (Triple 9) and Benjamin Walker starring in the main roles. The plot starts with Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer) moving in a small coastal town, next door to Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) and them getting into an […]

 Daniela Ralu Nastase

Preview: Hail, Caesar!

Some of Hollywood most beloved actors are back starring in Hail, Caesar! George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum,  Jonah Hill and Ralph Fiennes – to name a few. The first trailer released by Universal Pictures shows fragments of the struggles of making a successful movie. It can be compared to Deadpool as it is not filmed from the typical Hollywood […]

 Sophie Dishman

Royston Vasey, aka Roy Chubby Brown, to appear at the Stadium of Light

  Royston Vasey is set to share his secrets at the Stadium of Light next month.  The British comic, best known for his outspoken character Roy Chubby Brown, will be telling tales from throughout his notorious career in An Evening With Royston Vasey on Thursday, February 18. Vasey is originally from Grangetown, Middlesborough. He said: […]


Review: Daddy’s Home

As soon as, I see Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in a movie, I instantly know it’s going to be hilarious.

As soon as you see Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in a movie, you instantly know it’s going to be hilarious. The comedy is based on a family that live with their step-dad, Brad (Ferrell), who cherishes his family but, unfortunately, his step-kids don’t feel the same. Suddenly, their real dad Dusty (Wahlberg) comes to […]

 Andrew McAnaney

Review: Krampus

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town....Well Sort Of

Director: Michael Dougherty. Cast: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, Allison Tolman, Conchata Ferrell. Running Time: 98 Minutes. Genre: Horror Comedy. Rating: 15 Krampus Revolves around Tom (Adam Scott), his wife Sarah (Toni Collette) and their two children Beth (Stefania LaVie Owen) and Max (Newcomer Emjay Anthony) and Tom’s German Mother only known affectionately as […]

 Andrew McAnaney

Scout’s Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse Review

Being Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse  Director: Christopher B. Landon. Cast: Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller, Joey Morgan, Sarah Dumont and David Koechner. Running Time: 1h 33m. Genre: Horror Comedy, Rating: 15 The plot of the movie revolves around three friends, the every guy Ben (Tye Sheridan), the ladies man Carter (Logan Miller) and the childlike Augie (Joey […]

 Matthew Wroe

Frankie Boyle: Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved

Frankie Boyle: Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved

“YOU’RE FAT!” was Sunderland’s welcome to the Glaswegian comic before he even got a word in at the Empire Theatre. This set the tone for the show – Brutally objective yet harsh observations and cocky audience chip-ins. Hurt Like You’ve Never Been Loved is Frankie Boyle’s fourth and final live show tour, despite saying his […]

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