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3rd May 2019 Off

Review: Halloween

By Ewan Gleadow

Having not seen John Carpenter’s rendition of Halloween, it felt a bit silly to dive into a reboot sequel series that…

25th March 2019 Off

Review: Show Dogs

By Ewan Gleadow

The era of kid’s movies is dead. Quality and consistency don’t matter when you can slap together Stanley Tucci and…

15th March 2019 Off

Review: Fahrenheit 11/9

By Ewan Gleadow

Michael Moore is quite genuinely one of the most prolific and enjoyable documentary makers around. He’s the American Louis Theroux,…

14th March 2019 Off

Review: Venom

By Ryan Easby

https://www.instagram.com/p/Be5y65nBFGC/?utm_source=ig_embed You know, I really wanted to like Venom. I really did. I thought surely it couldn’t be as bad…